Schools Worker


Nicki Collins is a Schools Worker and member of NCBC, teaching bible stories within primary schools in a fun and interactive way.

‘Open the book’ assemblies

NCBC has a team of people leading ‘Open the Book’ assemblies every week in Mousehold Infant School. The assemblies tell Bible stories in a fun and interactive way, often including roles for the children to play whether its helping to act out the story or participate in sound effects and actions.

Nicki also works alongside members of Oak Grove Community Church in bringing Open the Book assemblies into both Angel Road Junior School and Angel Road Infant School.

RE lessons

Nicki is part of the international team of presenters bringing Bible Explorer / OT Mini RE lessons to 9-11 year olds.  There are 5 lessons teaching Old Testament stories and another 5 lessons teaching stories from the New Testament.  Each lesson tells the stories in an engaging and interactive way, using props, audio/ visual aids and unique handsigns to help everyone remember the storyline.  The lessons are great fun and get the children excited about the most amazing book of all time.

Nicki has been teaching these lessons to children in Magdalene Gates Primary School, George White Junior School and St Francis of Assisi RC Primary School.

Lunchtime Club  Mustard Seed Gang_colour

The Mustard Seed Gang is a fun, lunch-time club at George White Junior School.  It is a popular club that looks at life in a fun and creative way.  It will focus on a different issue each week such as, respecting others, against bullying, helping others, developing self confidence etc.

The issue will be looked at from various angles using a lot of fun and games, Bible stories and a short discussion.  It will give ideas on the life skill as well as the Christian view on the topic.