Each Thursday afternoon we open as a Norwich Foodbank Distribution Centre.

It can be surprising for people to discover that there are many in the Greater Norwich area who are living on the edge of poverty. In fact, according to the ‘Campaign to End Child Poverty’ report in 2013, Norwich is named as the authority with the highest percentage of children in poverty in the East of England. Some areas are identified as having more than 1 in 3 children living in poverty.

As a response to this we work with Norwich foodbank to give out emergency food to local people in crisis. When a local agency gives out a voucher, it is brought to the church. We greet people, offer them tea, coffee and biscuits, provide a listening ear and sometimes signpost to other agencies who might be able to help them, as well as giving them food.

“I am writing to thank you for the difference Foodbank has made to my life. I had no job, was very down and didn’t know where to turn. When I came in for the food parcel I got such a warm welcome. I thought if there are people who show such kindness then maybe I can do something. Now I have a job and have turned my life around.”

How can you help?  Donate food or to get involved, please enquire at the church office.

What food?  Food we need