We meet at: 10.45am Sunday mornings and 6pm on Sunday evenings

Where: Duke Street, Norwich,

Worship: Worship involves the whole service, singing, praying, reading the bible, listening to the message and learning more about our loving God.

Music: The music is a mix of hymn singing and contemporary worship music.  Sometimes we have organ accompaniment, sometimes it’s a full band with drums.  NCBC is very blessed with a talented range of musicians and, as a result, we enjoy a wide range of music styles and singing.

Sermons: The teaching at NCBC is bible based and centres on the Word of God.  You may have heard it called a ‘Sermon’.  After the sermon, there is always a time for reflection, response and sharing.  If you have missed a sermon series or you would like to listen again, click here.

Communion: is usually celebrated on the first Sunday morning and third Sunday evening of each month.

Youth: Youth groups run alongside the morning service in separate rooms.  The church youth work caters for babies through to 16 year olds. There is also a youth group for 9-14 year olds during the evening service.  For more information on NCBC youth go to: Children and Youth

Visitors: We welcome all visitors and there is always a welcome team at the door who will show you in if this is your first visit.  Please do come along and join us on a Sunday, it would be great to see you.  Stay for coffee, tea, biscuits afterwards and meet some new people.

NCBC is a Baptist Church.  If you would like to know more about what this means or what to expect, please see here for more information What to expect   What is a Baptist Church?