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ROC conversation –

Around 160 people from Norwich churches, Christian organisations, civic bodies and the police gathered at the King’s Centre in Norwich on February 7 to exchange ideas and passions around community engagement.

The aim of the event was to bring together local people to celebrate all the good social action and community engagement activities already happening in Norwich and explore practical ways of doing even more, in a co-ordinated way.

NCBC was represented at the event and it was good opportunity to connect with people from other churches, identify gaps, overlaps and talk about the resources and capacity we have to serve the needs of our community.

ROC conversation

Soup run

NCBC has a regular slot on the rota for the Salvation Army’s soup run, which serves food and hot drinks to homeless and vulnerable people on the Haymarket every night of the year. Our slot is on the first Monday of the month. A team of four meet around 8pm at the citadel to collect the food that has already been prepared, fill up flasks of hot water, pray and then head out to the Haymarket to serve people in need.

The team usually returns to the citadel around 9pm to put everything away for the next night. The people we serve are very appreciative of the food and drink but often it’s as much about showing we care and listening to them as it is about the food. If you would like to find out more or are interested in joining the team, speak to Aaron Baker.

Soup Run