How can I know God?

How can I know God?

There are many different ideas about who God is and what He is like.  Some people do not believe God exists, belief is a figment of the imagination and there is no God to know. However, Christians believe He not only exists, but there is the possibility that we can get to know Him.

Important things to know about God…

  1. God created the world, and everything and everyone in it.
  2. God made all humans and loves each person more than we can possibly imagine.
  3. God’s desire is to have a loving relationship with every person.

However, many reject the chance to know God and choose to live as if he doesn’t exist. People live in ways that are contrary to God’s design.  God’s values of love, justice, mercy and humility are replaced by such things as love of self, greed, intolerance and pride. These things damage our ability to know Him. I t is wrong of us to reject God.  We expect wrong doing to be followed by punishment.  That is only fair, after all.  It makes sense that as God is ‘just’, we should expect to pay a penalty for our wrong doing.

However, because God loves us He keeps reaching out to us so that we might get to know Him.  He sent Jesus Christ into the world to reveal more about Himself.  Jesus pays the penalty for our wrong doing by dying on the cross.  He died that we might be forgiven.  It may be hard for us to understand how the death of Jesus releases power into the world making it possible for us to live new lives full of peace, hope and love.  But many have discovered that this is so.

Important things to know about Jesus:

  1. Jesus is God’s Son – the Bible tells us many things about him and they show us what God is like.
  2. Jesus lived a perfect life to show us how we should live and how we can be in a relationship with God, his and our, Father.
  3. Jesus died for us to ensure our separation from God would be dealt with and ended. 

This is important but there is more to knowing God than knowing about Him.  Knowing God comes when we move from knowing about Him to having a relationship with Him.

Moving from know about God to being in a relationship with Him…

  • Believe in the existence of a God who lives and who loves us.
  • Say sorry to God for the things you have done to reject His love.
  • Tell God you want to be in a relationship with Him and want to know Him personally.

While your relationship with God is personal, it is important to start attending a church and advisable to speak to a church leader who can support you.  If you would like to know more, please contact us.

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