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Rev.Mark Fairweather-Tall, Minister


Mark joined NCBC in 2006 from Pershore Baptist Church, where he was minister from 2000-2006. Before that Mark taught Economics and Business Studies. He is married to Jenny, they have two daughters, Grace (born in 2011) and Bethia (born in 2013). Mark is a trustee of Norwich Foodbank, Chair of St Mary’s Family Contact Centre and a member of the Transforming Norwich executive (an ecumenical gathering of churches and Christian organisations in Greater Norwich). Mark enjoys playing and watching sport when time allows and he can sometimes be seen cycling or running around the streets of Norwich in an attempt to stay fit!  Read Mark’s blog here.

Andy Eyre, Youth and Children’s Pastor

Andy E...1Hi!  I’m Andy and I’m married to my incredible wife Ellie and we have four awesome kids – Ben, Louisa, Talia and Raya.  I was raised in a Christian home (my parents were Baptist pastors) but struggled to accept this way of life and rebelled big time.  Since leaving school, I’ve worked in various customer services / sales roles which paid for my ‘rock’n’roll’ lifestyle fronting a rock band.  This lifestyle led me close to death, however, having decided to go to church once more, my life was radically transformed by Jesus!  Since then, I have been, and continue to be, on an incredible journey with Christ….from leading people in worship, working with young people and children, being involved in various leadership roles, preaching, getting stuck in with community, my motivation in life is to help people to truly connect and be transformed by Jesus – what an incredible gift life is!


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